SP 2 Small Doctor's Bag

Articolo n. 9105272-90000



A chic and stylish addition to your everyday wardrobe, the ECCO SP 2 SMALL DOCTOR'S BAG is constructed from silky-smooth ECCO leather for a polished finish. The sleek design is minimally detailed with sophisticated vibrated hardware and features an inside zip pocket, slip-in pockets and a keyring strap for easy organisation. The durable Baby Ottoman lining with water-repellent properties helps to protect essentials from unexpected spillages. Remove the leather shoulder strap and carry yours by the contrasting top handle.


Inspired by the stone surfaces and the polished lustre of marble, ECCO STONE BURNISHED leather has a silky shine that’s smooth to touch. The fluffy, fibre-free and full-grain leather reveals a linear, pebbled and wholly unique grain as it ages. ECCO leathers are meticulously made in our very own tanneries, where artisanal craftsmanship and relentless innovation are an integral part of the process. Born from the blank canvas of premium raw materials, ECCO leathers are designed, finished, and finessed into beautiful pieces that stand the test of time.


Our Scandinavian roots inspire our philosophy: unique, minimalistic design, intuitive functionality, and the softest leathers that enhance the experience both now, and over time. We fuse innovative technology with old-world craftsmanship to create the exceptional quality, utility, and outstanding durability that are fundamental to ECCO.

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